What I packed for Vegas

So, today I am surprising Justin with a trip to Las Vegas, baby! He has absolutely no idea that this is happening. Justin thinks we’re going to a musical after work, but when I pick him up he’ll find out that we’re actually headed to the airport!!! (Check out my Insta story to see his reaction!) I’ve planned everything from hotel and flight to where Atka (our dog) is staying! All the details have come together swimmingly!

Packing was a little tricky because I didn’t want Justin to realize anything was missing, but I think we managed pretty well! Here are a few of my favorite items for the trip!

Travel Accessories

I just got this adorable new bag from Target to take on the plane. It’s super convenient to hold all my carry on essentials! I am in LOVE! It has plenty of space to hold a few snacks, charger cords, phone, cards, and my iPad.

I always pack my iPad so I can watch movies or play games at the airport! You can download movies on Amazon and watch without WiFi. It makes it super easy to have entertainment while waiting to take off!

Swim Suits

I know it’s February, but Vegas is actually surprisingly cold (highs in the 40s and 50s – burr!), I was expecting 60s or 70s at least! But, there are plenty of indoor pools, and I can’t help but get excited to lounge in a bikini! Here’s my favorite for the trip


For Christmas the hubby got me the cutest little travel jewelry organizer! It’s pink and so convenient! Finally all my necklaces won’t get tangled in commute!! 🙂 I put it in my carry on bag to make sure my jewelry didn’t get lost or stolen. If you don’t have a travel jewelry organizer, GET ONE!!! It is fantastic! The one below is similar to mine!


I got a new purse for this adventure! A little cross body designed to hold your phone and a couple cards. This one is great for when I don’t have pockets! Plus the color is adorable! It looks a little green in the photo below, but it’s really a pretty blue

I’ll have a travel guide posted for Vegas some time this weekend! Let me know what your questions are about the city that never sleeps and I’ll do my best to answer! 🙂