Best Jewelry Subscription Box

I am a fan of jewelry and always have been! I love things that sparkle and shine. So when I came across a subscription box for jewelry I was pretty excited. The concept behind Roxbox is really cool too! Basically, the box allows you the opportunity to try jewelry out before you buy it. You sign up and receive three pieces of jewelry at a time from great jewelers such as Kendra Scott, Kate Spade, Sophie Harper, and SO many others! When you sign up you get to look through the jewelry on the website and mark the ones you like as “favorites”. Then you’ll get an email about which pieces will be sent to you and have the option to change them! Once you receive them you can keep them for a day and then send them back or keep them for months and then send them back! It’s completely up to you! You also have the option to purchase a piece and what you pay for the subscription goes toward the price of the jewelry!

I got my first box and kept it for about a month and then sent everything back. I wore Kendra Scott Earrings, an Ava Rosenecklace, and a Sophie Harper ring. Now I have a new box on the way with three new pieces! The subscription is only $21! Plus, had I decided to buy a piece, it would have been $21 off because the subscription cost is taken off the price of the jewelry.

The best part? You can try it out for FREE for a month! Just use code: brooketedrickxoxo

You’ll have to put in a credit card, but there won’t be a charge until a month later, and you can cancel before ever being charged and just enjoy free jewelry for a month! I have really loved this box. It’s nice to be able to switch up my accessories however often I want.