White Picket Fence

I am so excited to finally have this fence up for so many reasons! For one, it’s freakin’ adorable! Two, it’s harder for animals to get to my plants, including my pups. And three, now we can get chickens and keep them contained. Hopefully now my plants can really thrive! I’ve wanted this fence for some time, but to buy one already made was out of budget, so I made mine instead!

To start this project I got normal height fence posts (6 feet), the 3 inch wide version, screws (I don’t mean to go on a rant here, but you really need screws and not nails- they’re the “superior fastening method” according to my dad and quite frankly he might be on to something), and white paint.
I used pickets as my rails.

Step one was to create the pickets for the fence. I cut the 6 foot boards in half using a circle saw and then cut the same top shape on the “new” fence posts.

Step two: paint the boards white. You can’t have a white picket fence without white pickets, so I got to work painting! I painted both sides white so from inside the garden or outside I still had that nice clean look.

Step three: build the fence. This sounds a little like when Chandler in Friends is marrying Monica and Ross is telling him to do baby steps, like go home and shower, then get dressed, and then they get to the “baby step” of get married (the clip is here). But I promise it’s easier than it sounds!
Lay one 6 foot fence picket to be your rail that all the pickets will attach to. Pick a picket to use for your spacing, so you’ll have one picket’s distance between each board in the fence.
Lay down board number one perpendicular to the rail, make sure it’s level, and fasten with screws.
Put your spacer picket adjacent to the one you just attached, and then lay the next board adjacent to the spacer.
Make sure the two fence boards are the same height from the rail, and attach it with screws. Continue this process until you’ve finished the distance of fencing you need.

Step four: put the fence up. I attached my fence to my above ground garden, so this was easy! I put the fence against the garden, made sure it was level, and screwed it in. Next thing you know it I had a fence!

This little guy was very helpful! ❤

Over all this was an easy and inexpensive way to get fencing up around the garden. And now I have the most adorable little barn look in my backyard!