Fitness Results:

The new workout plan was great!!! At first I felt super out of shape and had a hard time completing the workouts. After a week I started feeling stronger and my clothes were fitting better! By the end of the 21 days I felt MUCH stronger and like I was getting back to being me again! I lost an inch off my waist and am feeling great! I’ve continued to do the workouts and eat close to the meal plan so I keep seeing results. I’m excited about feeling better in my own skin again! I’ve also been happier and more confident.

Justin joined in the program too! He also saw great results! He lost 12 pounds in just 21 days and feels much stronger now. At the beginning his squats looked like he was just sticking his booty out, now he actually does squats! I’m really proud of him for sticking with it so well and really putting time towards his health. 

Overall, I think this was an awesome thing for us to do! Both of us are stronger, healthier, and more lean! I look forward to continuing to exercise with him in the evenings! It’s nice to have an activity we do together.

New Workout Plan

So, back in the day I was really good about working out. Once I hit the “real world” I fell off the wagon. I got back on track as I got ready for my wedding, but when Justin got sick it really derailed everything! 

Now I am on a mission to get back in shape! I’m tired of not feeling as confident in my clothes or as happy as I could be with my body. The solution? Exercise regularly and eat well. Obviously. But, since I’ve been having a hard time with that, I decided to join Beach Body! It has an accountability system, online videos designed for at home workouts (so no excuses about not wanting to drive!), and  a nutrition plan designed specifically for the workout program you choose! 

I am starting with a 21 Day Fitness Challenge. It starts on September 24th, so if you want to join in on this adventure you can email me or click here for the 21 Day Fitness Challenge!

Stay tuned for updates on what the workouts are like, what the meal plan is, and before and after pics!