DIY Siding

While I absolutely LOVE having a house (mostly because I love watching Atka, my dog, run around in the backyard), it comes with maintenance that I use to push off on an apartment complex and now push off to the CEO of the house, yours truly.
Our garage is detached and the back wall of siding was rotting. Obviously a no-go! So we set to ripping down the wall and putting a new one up. Thanks to a few tools and our new Jeep that could hold the boards, this task wasn’t ttooooo bad!

Once the wall was down we repaired the lining with some duct tape.

After the repairs we put the new boards up. This was definitely a two person job! We used several screws in each stud to hold the siding securely. The way siding boards are built they fit into each other, so if you’re taking on a project like this be sure to think about how they will sit!

Next came painting! We took a piece of the original boards to color match at Sherwin-Williams and they did an amazing job! You can’t tell it’s different!

In a day we were able to rip out the old siding and replace it with new. The next day we finished up the painting job. It turned out to be a pretty easy project that definitely protected our house and increased it’s value! And now it looks wwwaaaayyyyy better (no more holes in the wall!)