Book Review (Round 2)

Happy Friday, y’all!! I’m so glad we’re nearly to the weekend! Justin and I are going to a baseball game tomorrow night at the Dell Diamond to watch a Round Rock Express game and I am super excited! Be on the lookout for a post about that! 🙂

But for now- I have a book review for you. And let me tell you, I have some super awesome reads!

  1. Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
    This is the story of a 14 year-old girl who is murdered in a small town. From Heaven, Susie Salmon watches her friends and family down on Earth as life continues without her and even her murderer as he tries to hide his actions. I really liked that the story was from a perspective I haven’t seen read before. It was a really interesting read that kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next! It’s definitely suspenseful, but also hopeful and humorous.
  2. Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle
    I thought Dear Wife was excellent, but definitely not what I expected! I thought I was reading a book about a murder when I first opened it up, but as I read a plot unfolded about a wife who runs from her abusive husband. Each chapter is titled with a character’s name, and that’s who’s perspective you’re reading from which was such an intriguing way to tell the story! It’s a wild tale of abuse, murder, theft, adultery, and lies. Beth Murphy is on the run from her abusive husband. A few states over, Jeffery comes home to find his wife, Sabine Hardison, is missing. And Detective Marcus is determined to find the missing woman. SO GOOD!! I flew through this book!
  3. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling
    If you’ve somehow managed to stay under a rock for the last few decades and haven’t read the Harry Potter series, kindly venture over to your local library or book store or Amazon and get started! I’ve been reading this one to Justin because he is one of those rock dwellers (we started with Sorcerer’s Stone and have made it to Goblet of Fire). And, shockingly enough, he thinks the books are better than the movies! I have no doubt this impressive work of fiction will become a classic. It truly is the series that taught a generation to read. Every single page is worth your time!
  4. Gratitude Daily by Nataly Kogan
    This one is an audio “book” (it’s not available in book form, only audio). I really liked it because it helped me recognize the little things that make me truly fortunate. The goal of the listen is to get you to a point that you naturally practice gratitude on a daily basis. Instead of thinking “Ugh, I have to go to work” you think “I’m so grateful I have a job and can support my family.” This shift in though process is believed to make people happier and I definitely agree! Each day Nataly gives you an activity or practice to implement gratitude into your life. My favorite was when she had tell three people that I was grateful for them and why. It made such a positive impact on those relationships. Plus, it’s free on Audible, so you have nothing to lose 😉

Let me know if you have a book to add to this list! 🙂