Yardley Soap

The newest must have beauty product: Yardley London‘s Activated Charcoal Bath Bar. This stuff is great! It smells so good, and made my skin feel so smooth and hydrated. It is a bath-time essential!

Yardley London has been around since 1770 and prides itself on creating relaxing and rejuvenating soaps! They use essential oils that help get your mind soothed and the activated charcoal keeps your skin looking beautiful. I like my soaps to lather, it makes me feel like it’s really cleaning, and this one gives me all the bubbles! But the best part? You can get it at Walmart for just 97 cents! I even have my hubby using it. The relaxing scent gets me ready for bed in no time and I can hit the sheets feeling good ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you Yardley London for sponsoring this post.