Cute Maroon Dress

As I’m sure y’all noticed, I took Labor Day off and did not post a Meal Monday. I decided to enjoy the long weekend with the Hubby and not fret about making something delicious and awesome for your enjoyment. Don’t worry though, I promise I have some scrumptious recipes coming your way this month! 🙂

What I did do was wear a really cute dress! This one is from Forever 21 and I love how versatile it is! With strappy heels like these and a small purse you’re ready for Happy Hour, but trade those straps for some booties (like these or these) or maybe thigh high boots and throw on a cardigan and you’re suddenly ready for fall! Maybe even winter depending on where you live! (Side note, those thigh high boots are awesome. The thicker heel makes them easy to walk in, they look great, and mine have already made it through several winters!)

I think having pieces in your closet that you can transition from one season to the next are super helpful! I have so many dresses that I’ll warm up with a cardigan and boots which is really awesome for the mild fall and winter that I get here in central Texas. We tend to have a lot of days that start off cooler and get kinda warm *cough-reallyhot-cough*, if you get too toasty you just take the cardigan off! 🙂 But with boots you still look like you dressed for the correct season!