Best Fall Cardigan

It’s official y’all. I found it. The softest cardigan everrrr. I wore this green cardi with a white tank top and some stretchy jeans and I swear it felt like I was in PJs all day! I paired it with some flats so it was a more casual look, but you can definitely dress it up a bit with booties! Because of the soft color I think it’s really great for fall. You can warm up any outfit 🙂 My jewelry is from Roxbox (again!). I just love their pieces!! Today was a double gold chain evil eye necklace and some green jewel studs. I’m really liking this gold necklace trend. I think it’s so cute! Anyway, use code Brooketedrickxoxo to try your first month free!!

On another note, HAPPY FRIDAY!!! What are y’all’s plans? I’m going shopping with a girlfriend and have an art class! And of course some errands and cleaning. But who doesn’t have that?! haha


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