Farmers Market

Over the weekend my friend and I went to the farmers market. I love going because I always find new products and try new foods! I also enjoy that it supports local businesses and generally foods and soaps and such are organic and more health conscious. Kombucha was this week’s first! It is a fermented, slightly alcoholic, sweetened black or green tea drink. I had a pineapple flavored one and it was so good!! They also sold it in reusable glass jars, similar to a mason jar, and you picked the flavor you wanted from taps. It was really cool! There are plenty of local farmer’s markets around. I go to Texas Farmers’ Market at Lakeline most of the time! But this weekend I went to Downtown Buda Farmers Market. A quick google search for “Farmers’ Markets Near Me” will get you in the right direction! 🙂

I sported a pair of denim shorts and a tank top this time. I wanted something cute that I wouldn’t get to hot in with the Texas heat! This worked nicely and is super affordable from Target! (They don’t have my exact pair anymore, but these are pretty similar).

Have fun!


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