Summer Tom Collins

First off, I am absolutely in love with this dress!! I ordered it online from Lulus and when I got it I wasn’t sure I liked it, until I tried it on. It fits so well and the detail around the waist is just beautiful! I have full intents of wearing it again to date night! It’s just so flowy and elegant!

On another note, here’s the drink I’m making! I call it the Summer Tom Collins. The blueberries add a nice flavor to the beverage and it’s light and sweet, so fits well with the season!


1 lemon
4-5 blueberries
1 shot gin
1/2 shot bar syrup
tonic water


  1. Squeeze one lemon into a glass.
  2. Muddle 4-5 blueberries in the same glass.
  3. Add one shot of gin and a half shot of bar syrup.
  4. Add ice (however much you want) and fill the rest of the glass with tonic water.

Hope y’all enjoy!


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