Amazon Finds

There are always so many awesome things at Amazon! I am constantly coming across something new that I have to have 😉 In the last few weeks I’ve been a sucker for their fashion and beauty.

  1. These sandals are adorable and so affordable! Plus they go with just about any outfit. I like the white ones, but they come in a bunch of colors! They’ve totally become a go to for me 🙂
  2. This new trend of beaded earrings is super cute. Like probably my favorite earring trend in a while. They are so many colors and styles which makes them really versatile! It’s an easy way to class up any outfit.
  3. Such a fun, beachy purse for everyday use is great! It makes me smile every time I wear one because it reminds me of summer days at the San Marcos River or at the beach. Who doesn’t love that?! And a neutral color means it matches allll the summer dresses!
  4. Essential oils can have a huge impact on your health – mental, physical, and emotional – so I use my diffuser every night! Pink Grapefruit is one of my faves (it’s a disinfectant, stimulant and antidepressant)! Justin’s been a fan of Rosemary lately which boosts mental energy and clears the respiratory tract. Each sent influences different things, so I consider how I’m feeling and use the right oils to help! The diffuser also has different settings for one hour, three hours, or six hours, so you can pick how long you want it to work. And it has a light which can be really nice when you need to find your way to the bathroom!
  5. A jade roller has become such an important part of my weekly beauty routine! They do an incredible job of fighting fine lines and wrinkles and help circulation in your face. There are really great videos here on how to use them. The main thing is always roll up! It works so well it’s even been called “natural botox”!
  6. I use an eye mask weekly and it’s made a huge difference on the fine lines around my eyes! I LOVE these so much! They’re cool to the touch so feel nice on your face and just really relax you! If you haven’t given them a try you need to! ❤

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