Cozumel, Mexico Travel Guide

As many of you know, I love, love, love the beach! Two weeks ago I was enjoying Cozumel, Mexico! I know I’m a little late getting this to y’all! Oops! 😉 After such an amazing trip I collected the things we did and places we went for y’all to check out!

Where to Stay
We stayed at Hotel Cozumeleno which is an all inclusive resort. It has two pools and two hot tubs and is right on the beach! They have a pier on either side of their beach property which makes the water crystal clear! It’s like swimming in a hugeee pool! And there are tons of fish that will come right up to you! We mostly ate here, which was pretty good. I recommend making dinner reservations for their sit down dinner. The menu changes and I thought the food there was really good!

What to Do
Obviously when you’re in that pretty of water you need to go swimming, snorkeling, and/or scuba diving! We did all three and I loved every minute of it!! Snorkeling at the resort was beautiful. We also walked down one hotel over and snorkeled back to ours which was really cool. We saw several stingrays and a bunch of bright, beautiful fish!

Scuba diving has been on my bucket list for ever, so that was a must! We went to Sand Dollar Sports and they did a great job! It’s in the back of Sunset Beach Restaurant (kinda hard to find! There isn’t a sign outside). They quickly went through the out of water lesson and had us scubaing in no time! Plus they have an online course, so if you want to become a certified diver you can do that easily and then finish the cert in Mexico!

If you want to do some traveling around, I highly recommend renting a mode of transportation. We got a scooter, but it was pretty scary! If I had it to do over I would get one of the jeeps or little open cars. If you’re not use to driving on two wheels, it’s a lot more different than you might think! But definitely cheaper to travel like that than getting a taxi everywhere.

Going to the Mayan Ruins was so cool! I’ve been told the ones at the south point of the island are better than the ones more north. Plus, if you go to the ones at the south point you can also go to the beach and see the lighthouse! We went to the more central ruins, which I really enjoyed, but if I had it to do over, I would go for the bundle of activities at the south point!

Where to Eat
(Fair warning, both menus are in Spanish!)
Fratelli Cozumel
This restaurant was super cute! It had a little beach area and swings overlooking the ocean! We ordered the beef tacos (tacos de res) and guac. Both were delicious! To grab a beer is also only $3!

Chac Kay Grill
Just one door down is this restaurant. Here we had the shrimp fajitas and they were awesome! We also got guac (cause I love it!) and it was really good. Again, the view is beautiful!

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