Packing for Mexico

Good morning, y’all!! I am ssooooo excited to be heading to Cozumel tomorrow! Talk about a FriYAY! The hubby and I are going as a late one year anniversary trip! He and I both love the beach, so we’re headed to those clear waters and soft sands.
Over the last several years Justin and I have started traveling more. As we’ve gone on new adventures I’ve found things that I just can’t travel without! Here are some of my travel (and one beach) necessities!

  1. Hand sanitizer is something I always take on trips! I hate going to the restroom and finding there’s no soap, so I keep one of these in my bag.
  2.  A neck pillow is just about the greatest thing when you’re on a flight and want to take a nap. Before I got this beauty I didn’t have one and I was on a flight from Burlington, VT back home in Austin and I could barely keep my eyes open. I felt so bad for the guy next to me because I kept accidentally resting my head on his shoulder in my sleep! Fortunately, that is no longer a problem!
  3. When I first got this passport wallet I didn’t think it would be all that useful. WRONG! It’s so convenient to have all my stuff (passport, boarding passes, phone, ID, etc) in one spot! Plus I don’t have to dig through my bag to find everything, so it’s way faster.
  4. When going to the beach you have to have a floppy beach hat! I sunburn so easily, this is a super cute way for me to protect my face! (In addition to my sunscreen, of course)
  5. I always take a water bottle with me to the airport. You never know how long you’ll end up sitting around on a plane or in a terminal. I love this one because it shrinks to fit in my bag! And it’s a super cute color.
  6. Everybody’s luggage has a knack of looking the same. Adorable luggage tags make it easy for me to know which one is mine! I love these with the whales and this one that says “Here we go”! I also normally tie a scarf around one of the handles.
  7. On every single trip I download movies on Netflix on my iPad so I can watch them while we wait to board. During long layovers this has been a lifesaver!
  8. I’ve talked to y’all about this bag before and I have no doubt I will again! It’s AMAZING! For the longest time I took big purses to the airport. A cute backpack is SO much easier! It even has a compartment for my iPad and phone!
  9. These penguin shampoo bottles may not be a necessity, but they are WAY too cute to pass up! They make me smile every time I see them 🙂
  10. Ever had your necklaces turn into a tangled mess while you travel? Problem. Solved. This jewelry organizer doesn’t take up much space and makes a world of difference! Now when I get to wherever I’m headed I have individual necklaces instead of a blob of chains! It’s great!

If you have any must have travel necessities, I’d love to hear in the comments! Let me know! xoxo

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