Best Tanning Lotion Ever!!

This winter has been so cold and gloomy and it shows on my skin! I have gotten so pale, and I can’t stand it. I decided to try out a tanning lotion. I haven’t used one before, so I tried out a couple brands, and by far my favorite is Golden Star Beauty!! Normally I’m about as pale as these shorts, but Golden Star fixed that! The products are certified organic, smell great, and give me a nice subtle tan that certainly doesn’t look like it came out of a bottle. It’s also vegan aaannndddd cruelty free!

My skin is super sensitive. I breakout so easily, so always use sensitive skin makeup and skin care products to avoid a breakout. I was a little hesitant to try the Face Tanning Lotion because I didn’t want to have that problem, but because the product is completely organic, I didn’t have any issues! I just got a beautiful golden glow!

If you want to give it a try, use code GOLDENSTAR45 for 10% off!

Thanks to Golden Star Beauty for sponsoring this post.

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