Book Review

Happy Friday, lovelies! I come with a nice, relaxing weekend activity: reading a book! I am in love with my Kindle Fire. It’s easy to travel with or just throw in my purse to take to work. I can have multiple books on it at one time and only carry one little piece of technology instead of a stack of books! Plus, it has some really great features, like you can quickly and easily get a definition of a word! AND a Kindle Fire isn’t just for reading, you can get apps, watch TV shows or movies, and even use Alexa. Another perk? You can try audible and get two free audiobooks with the 30-day free trial on Amazon!
I just read Girl Wash Your Face and The Family Fang on my Kindle (you can also get a hard copy or adiobook on Amazon)! They were both great! 🙂

Girl Wash Your Face

This is a fantastic book written by Rachel Hollis. Her wit throughout the book will keep you chuckling even while discussing hard topics. Each chapter is titled with a “lie” that she believed about herself, but now recognizes isn’t true. Hollis goes into what her thoughts were on each lie and how she overcame it. My favorite chapter was “The Lie: I’m Going to Marry Matt Damon”. Why? Because without a doubt this goofy chapter is the one that struck closest to home. She talks about wanting a purse because it represents the kind of woman she wants to be, and I can relate. But what’s more than that, this book is super motivational. It helped me pause and really think about my goals and how to reach them. Not only did Rachel help me identify my purse, she also coached me on how to get it. She encourages you to write down your goals and your plan, both of which I think are great pieces of advice. Also, at the end of each chapter you’re given “Things That Helped Me” which was really great for personal development as I read the book. Overall, this book is amazing.

The Family Fang

Kevin Wilson creates this crazy tale about a family. It is such a page turner as you go on the roller coaster that is the lives of Annie and Buster. Their parents, Caleb and Camille, like to do art that creates a lasting memory. They create chaos in any situation. It might be a perfectly normal day at a restaurant and then they come in and create some sort of scene, causing mayhem, and then leave before the consequences set in. Caleb and Camille even used their children in these acts from the time they were little. The impact it has on their family is shocking. And when Caleb and Camille disappear, we’re left wondering if it was just art, or if something happened to them. I couldn’t put this one down!

Alrighty Y’all, if you have any great book recommendations please leave them in the comments, I’m off searching for my next read!


2 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. I’ve been wanting to read “Girl, Wash Your Face” for a while now! I’m so glad that it was good, thanks for reviewing it!


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