Bacteria – Good or Bad??

Frequently when we think “bacteria,” we think “bad”. This isn’t the case though! We have billions and trillions of bacteria in our bodies that provide crucial functions for our health. Having these good bacteria is especially important for women’s reproductive health! I have a few friends who are pharmacists and they swear by a daily probiotic! So I’m always looking for yogurt or a pill at the pharmacy that’s high in probiotics to make sure I get my daily dose, but now I take Daily Body Restore with meals and rest knowing my body has what it needs!

The formula for Daily Body Restore includes ten enzymes and nine probiotics. This means both my digestive and immune system are supported. My body is doing a better job absorbing the nutrients from the foods I eat while increasing my immune system’s ability to protect me! The best part? There is no artificial coloring, dairy, gluten, sugar, or soy. Just a little capsule full of health! (that doesn’t have to be refrigerated!!!)

I’ve had several brands of probiotics and so far Daily Body Restore is my favorite. This is a little weird, but I like how it tastes! It has a slightly fruity, tangy taste as you swallow. It makes taking probiotics much more yummy! Haha! I’ve also really enjoyed how it makes me feel. I’ve had less bloating which is amazing!!! As a whole I feel lighter and have had greater mental clarity. I am loving this product!!!

Thanks to Daily Body Restore for sponsoring this post.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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