How to Stain Furniture

Moving into a house and decorating is a lot of work and takes a long time. I by no means finished after we unpacked! There are still so many spaces I’m still working on because I can’t find the just right piece. The solution? Make the just right piece! As I’ve continued the transition of our house into our home, I’ve refurbished several pieces of furniture. Today I transformed the kitchen table to match the rest of the furniture in the house!

One of the best things about reusing furniture is you can make it match whatever style your home has, while saving a fortune by purchasing used items from thrift shops. Plus, it’s really fun to give an item it’s beauty again. Styles come and go, but a good base can be transformed to the current trends!

So the table looked like this!

I started by sanding the table down to the raw wood beneath the current stain and finish. This is a bigger project than you might think! I started with a 100 grit sandpaper to make sure I got all of the sealant off. Then, to get a smooth finish, I did the whole thing with 120 grit, then 180 grit. For the top of the table I did an additional 280 and then 320. It’s so smooth it feels like silk! It takes a good bit of time, but definitely worth it. You don’t need to go to that high a grit of sandpaper, I just like the super smooth finish!

Next it was time to stain. The whole table was wiped down with a tack cloth to get all the dust and wood from sanding off. I used the same espresso stain I used on all my other pieces so everything would match. I simply painted the stain on, waited about five minutes, then wiped the stain off! I did one coat on the legs and two coats on the top in different directions.

Last, I put a sealant on the whole thing so it would feel nice and smooth, and be protected from condensation on glasses and such! I’m so excited that finally all my living room and kitchen furniture matches!!! (You can see some of our other furniture here!)


p.s. – shout out to my dad for his suggestions on successfully completing this project! 🙂 Love you!

2 thoughts on “How to Stain Furniture

  1. I don’t do much staining, but my mother in law will love this, I’m so glad I read this post! Thank you for sharing!


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