New Hair Mask

I’m always looking for new beauty products, tips, and tricks. I like to look and feel my best and following a beauty routine really helps with that. I recently had to cut my hair more than I wanted to because my ends weren’t healthy anymore. I was so upset! I immediately realized I need to take better care of my hair.

Cue hair mask.

I, back in the day, did coconut oil hair masks, and really liked them, but everything I found said you needed to leave the mask on for a long time (like hours). That’s pretty inconvenient when you’re busy with work, social life, exercise, and anything else you have going on! I needed something easier and faster. So I found keratin protein no-frizz hair mask by Hi Pro Pac and decided to give it a shot!

The Hi Pro Pac mask goes on damp hair, leave for 2-5 minutes, and rinse well. I put it on in the shower after shampooing and conditioning and rinsed it out after a few minutes. My hair feels softer and has less frizz! This will definitely be a regular part of my beauty routine now!

What are your fave hair tricks? How do you get long, luscious locks?


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