Day at the Museum

A few weeks ago Justin and I decided to head to the Bullock Texas History Museum. While this museum isn’t quite as cool as the one in Night at the Museum, because the exhibits don’t come to life, it’s still pretty good! Plus, on the first Sunday of the month it’s free, so it makes for a great date!

If you decide to go, there’s no need to pay for parking on a Sunday. All the street parking is free! To park in their garage is $10, so save yourself the couple bucks and grab a snack on the way home instead!

Not in the ATX? That’s fine! Cities all over have events like this, just google free events in your area. I’m sure you can find something similar!

It was a lot of fun to wander through the exhibits. There’s a huge picture of a camp fire on the first floor that you can look down at from the above levels. When you walk in you start in the early days of Texas, where Texas was Tejas and cowboys roamed, and as you go along you venture through history, ending with ACL and the current city skyline. This first floor is the exhibit Becoming Texas. The second floor offers history from 1821 to 1936. The third floor dives into Texas in the 20th century. And, finally, you end with the current.

There are loads of fun facts and great photo opps throughout the museum. It really is a great learning opportunity! Head over this Sunday and let me know how it goes! What is your favorite exhibit??


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