Sweater Weather

For the most part Austin has had a warm winter this year, but the last few days have started off in the thirties. Talk about burrrrrrr! I can’t say I handle cold weather well, I turn into a brooke-cicle! So I’ve been bundling. That’s why I love this green sweater, it’s so warm and comfy, but still makes me feel feminine because of the shoulders! I can throw on a jacket while outside and then be comfortable indoors.

I paired the sweater with white jeans because it’s a darker green and I wanted to add some light to my outfit. The necklace was also a way to add some light, and to create a more dressed up look! I added some green and gold gem stud earrings that match my necklace. And, of course, boots are a must in the cold!!! I ALWAYS wear fuzzy socks when I wear boots. Makes the feet nice and cozy, like in a pair of slippers! ❤

Unfortunately I couldn’t find this one online (I bought it in store), but you can go here for a similar white one, or here for a pink one at Papaya! And both are on sale for less than $20! Also, target has a great pair of white jeans here!

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