Beauty in Product

I love face masks. I like that they make my skin feel so soft and clean and how relaxing it is to pamper myself! However, I have super sensitive skin, so I’m super careful about which products I use. Otherwise I turn into a bright red tomato! My sister once got me makeup for my birthday and was so careful to only buy “sensitive skin” products. She later teased me about how much more difficult that was than purchasing regular products because they’re harder to find!

Anyway, I tried this new face mask and moisturizing system system this week. It was incredible! I decided to try it because the company, Beautycounter, compiled all ingredients that any country has banned or restricted in the beauty industry, and doesn’t use a single one in any of their products! That means they exclude over 1,500 ingredients. To put that in perspective, the US has only banned or restricted 30 ingredients. Which means, when I used Beautycounter I did not turn into a tomato! Always a plus! Haha

I started with a charcoal mask. It made my skin feel so smooth and soft and my pores looked smaller! I later learned that the mask is designed to deep-clean and absorb excess oil and draw out impurities. Let me tell you, it works. I felt the cleanest and clearest I’ve been in a while!

After the mask I used a deep hydration system. I tend to get dry skin, so I was super excited to give this a go. The really cool thing about this system is they use Bio-Mimic Technology, which to me was jiberish. Basically, the products are designed to give your skin what it needs, not things it doesn’t. So if you need a lot of moisture, that’s what you’ll get; if you only need a little moisture, that’s what you’ll get! The system consisted of three products. When I first used the Pure Calm Cleansing Milk I was amazed at how clean and still hydrated it left my face! Next was the Intense Moisture Serum, which was much more viscous than I expected, but it adapted to my skin nicely and absorbed quickly. Last I used the Adaptive Moisture Lotion. It. Is. Amazing. It was such a nice light lotion, and left me with no dry skin!

Like I said, my skin is naturally dry and sensitive, but Beautycounter fixed that problem completely with no negative side effects! Their fight to create more regulation in the beauty industry is amazing because it means safer products for us! It’s definitely a mission I can get behind. Plus, my skin thanks me for it!

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