Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend

I have always liked shiny things. When I was little, my mom and I would walk past jewelry and I would get as close to the glass as I could to see the treasures inside. My family would tease me for my love of diamonds, gemstones, gold, and silver, anything that had that shine! As an adult, I still love a good piece of jewelry. Naturally, I was thrilled when I found Clean Origin! The commitment Clean Origin has to quality is amazing! The founder, a third generation jeweler, started the company because of his dedication to making quality jewelry with a sustainable origin. Each diamond is made with care and detail, creating wonderful press- your-nose-to-the-glass pieces.


Clean Origin offers carefully crafted diamonds that are made in labs. But, what does that really mean? The only difference between man-made diamonds and natural stones is where the diamond is grown. A man-made diamond is grown in a lab using technology to replicate the natural diamond growing process. You end up with a diamond — same molecular structure, same look, same properties. Stick with me through the science, these diamonds are not cubic zirconia (molecularly ZrO2), they are diamonds (which is a carbon element in a crystal structure). Basically, to make a lab diamond, you mimic the way a natural diamond is created- high temperature and high pressure with lots of carbon! Until I found Clean Origin, I thought the only options were natural diamonds or cubic zirconia. I love the choice this company provides for all of us jewelry lovers, especially one with perks!



A lab grown diamond is typically less expensive than a natural diamond because there is no mining process, to get gems from origin to a customer is less expensive, passing
that benefit on to the customer. They are also more environmentally friendly than a natural diamond. Any time you take something from the earth there is an impact,
companies like Clean Origin are helping protect the earth. Most importantly, is the social justice aspect; diamond miners often employ citizens of impoverished countries
to actually mine their diamonds. These workers are sometimes forced to work long hard hours with minimal pay. By creating lab diamonds, Clean Origin helps to alleviate these potentially harsh working conditions.



My absolute favorite part is the bridal sets, which make wedding jewelry the easiest part of the wedding planning process. Engagement rings all have a matching wedding
band AND additional matching jewelry. When I got married I had to hunt down earrings and a tennis bracelet that would match my ring. It was a pain! I love the idea of getting
everything at one place, so you KNOW it matches! Fortunately, everything matched when I got it, but that’s an extra level of stress and worry a bride just doesn’t need. This
company is really amazing and really wants to help you find that perfect combination.

Their dedication to quality and customer service is exceptional, the ability to get all your

bridal accessories and rings from one place is just an added bonus!


*Thanks to Clean Origin for partnering with me on this post.

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