New Year, New Me

I’ve always felt that it makes more sense to have new resolutions on your birthday, because that’s your New Year, but as a general rule this is done at New Year’s. I decided to join the masses and set some resolutions for 2019.
To me, this means looking at where I am and where I want to be. The point of the resolution is to figure out how to cover the ground in between those camps. I’m not going to lie to y’all, this list took longer than I thought it would to write. I thought coming up with resolutions would be quick and easy! But I really wanted to identify where I want to be when 2020 comes rolling around (y’all, we’re one year and a few days away from living in the 20’s! Gotta find a flapper dress for next years NYE party!). I also wanted to make sure my goals were attainable and had specific deadlines. So here’s my year:


  1. Pay off Student Loans
While I loved my time in college and I learned a ton academically, socially, and about life, it was definitely a drain on the finances! By December 31, 2019 I want to have completely paid off all my student loans. The hubby and I have made a good dent, but we still have $30,000 to go. Debt free life, here we come!



  1. Finish Changing My Name
I know it’s sad, but I still haven’t finished changing my name! I’ve been working on it for months now and still haven’t gotten around to finishing the process. Now that it’s on the list though, it has to happen! There’s a really great list here of places to change your name, if you need to get on this too! Deadline: March 17, 2019 (our one year anniversary)


  1. Finish the Fluffy Butt Hut (aka Chicken Coop)
The house is definitely still a work in progress! We plan to paint the chicken coop Barn Red and put a white picket fence around the garden. Then we can let the chickens out to eat the bugs in the garden (as you know, bugs were a BIG problem for our fall garden)! We also need to build a nesting spot in the coop and, of course, actually get the chickens. Lastly, I have to have a sign that says “Fluffy Butt Hut”. It’s just too cute not to! The due date for this: February 28th.



  1. Learn Spanish
This I have kinda been working on for years. I took four semesters of Spanish in college and have played on Duolingo. But I haven’t really put the time in to learn. My goal is to be able to watch children’s movies and understand by October 31!


  1. Grow My Blog
This one is all about y’all! I love writing my posts, editing my photos, and coming up with new ideas to post about! So in 2019 I want to grow this hobby and see what new and exciting content I can create. If you have any thoughts on what you’d like to see more of, let me know! 🙂 This is an ongoing resolution- December 31, 2019


So that’s my 2019! Writing down my goals gives me more drive to complete them. In 2018 I didn’t have any resolutions, so I’m curious to see how this shapes and influences my year. Cheers to 2019!

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