Christmas Traditions

Christmas is without a doubt my favorite holiday! I love, love, love the bright lights everywhere you go, the kindness that spreads throughout a community, and the endless sweets and treats! Spending time with family at such a magical time of year is always a blessing. Since this is the first Christmas Justin and I have been married, and thus are family, I’ve had traditions on my mind. There are a few we’ve had for the last few years, but a few new ones we’ve decided to add for future years!


The best tradition we have is getting a live tree every year. I absolutely love this because it makes the house smell wonderful, it looks beautiful with its twinkling lights and ornaments, and watching the cat play with the lower branches is simply adorable! The tree is what makes it feel like Christmas time to me.


Every year we make a gingerbread house together. We make it easy and buy a set, unlike my mama who makes hers completely from scratch! An afternoon is spent with Christmas music playing while we construct our house or houses and decorate them with candy. This year I built two and Justin built two and then we swapped and decorated the other’s houses! I swear Justin eats more candy than he puts on the house!




Then, of course, there are our old traditions. My Mama handmade stockings for her and my dad before my siblings and I were born. Once we entered the scene, Mama made each of us a stocking as well. Carefully handcrafted with our names at the top! They take hours and hours to make, but they turn out beautifully! This year she made one for the hubby since he’s now part of our family. This was a really, really big deal for me, because it meant that my family had truly accepted him as part of our family.


These traditions are what make our holidays sentimental. It’s these little things that I find myself looking forward to as Christmas draws closer and treasure remembering from years past.  

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