Weekend Wanders

Occasionally it’s nice to get away, even if it is just for they day! Justin and I headed south to The Winery on the Gruene on Sunday. This is one of my favorite wineries! It’s nestled on the edge of Gruene, Texas, a small town in the Texas hill country. It was a stunning day, perfect for sitting outside and enjoying a glass of wine.



They have a fair few wines. The list consists of your typical reds, whites, and ports, but they also have fruit infused wines. These are just about the best thing to happen to wine. They have lightly sweet and deliciously fruity flavors.


After our glasses, we took a stroll around this adorable town. They have dozens of shops selling all sorts of knickknacks and Christmas gifts.


Gruene is also the home of Gruene Hall, the oldest country dance hall in Texas. They’ve hosted some of the greats like Willie Nelson, George Strait, Garth Brooks, and The Dixie Chicks. The building is old, has no AC, and the wooden floors are scuffed, but it is a must visit because of its cool ambiance. I love country music, Justin and I even met two stepping (country dancing), so I love to check out places like this!



Gruene is a cute, little town, that could definitely be worth a wander!

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