Alright y’all! Thanksgiving! I love this holiday in theory. A day dedicated to pausing and recognizing what you have in life and being thankful for it is fantastic! In practice, the holidays are always a little stressful!
Justin and I currently have my brother’s two dogs (one is a ten month old) and we drove to Dallas for dinner (six hours in the car)! So it’s been a little crazy. That being said, I have so much to be thankful for this year.


We met Justin’s parents and brothers for dinner at a delicious Brazilian Steakhouse! We enjoyed a feast and I even took some carrot cake home. I finished that off last night and it was SO good! Overall, it was just a really nice Thanksgiving and a great celebration.


lifestyle, blog, travel, fashion
lifestyle, blog, travel


Justin and I got MARRIED!! Commiting to spend the rest of my life with my best friend is without a doubt something I am insanely thankful for! We’re now eight months in (time flies!) and I still love waking up to him every day! He’s the best friend, partner, spouse, and roommate I could ask for! I thank my lucky stars everyday.


lifestyle, blog, travel, wedding


We also had our amazing honeymoon! Like, best trip ever. We had so much fun, it was relaxing and amazing! And I know I’ve already told y’all all about it, so I won’t go into too much detail, I’ll just leave it at if you ever get to go to the Caribbean, DO IT!!!!!!!!!! (especially if it’s an all inclusive place, they’re awesome)


lifestyle, blog, travel, wedding, honeymoon


Justin and I bought our amazing house! I really, really love this place! Like I think it’s my favorite place I’ve lived. It has a wonderfully calm atmosphere and has been great for entertaining!


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I started a new business that has been so much fun! Running virtual fitness groups has helped me get back in shape, helped Justin get back in shape, and has provided our family with extra income! All around a win! (If this is something you’d like more info on, shoot me an email or leave a comment)


lifestyle, blog, fitness, wellness, health
This year has been filled with blessing after blessing. I honestly can’t believe we’re already to the end of the year! I’m filled with joy as I think about everything that happened this year! 🙂

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