Homecoming Game

On Saturday was Texas State University, my alma mater, Homecoming Game! Justin also went to TXST. We use to love going to tailgate and then to the game, so decided to head down for the weekend and enjoy some of our old favorite places!
texas state university homecoming football game
texas state university homecoming football game
texas state university homecoming football game
texas state university homecoming football game
texas state university homecoming football game
texas state university homecoming football game


I made sure our hotel was in walking distance to the stadium because parking at the game can get pretty crazy! This worked out really nicely because the weather was beautiful and we there was a lot of traffic! We went to the tailgate area we went to when we were students first. Oh my did we feel oldddd!! I graduated about a year ago, and still all the students looked so young to me! It was crazy! We then headed over to the Alumni tent. This was the place to be! Instead of bad beer, we had the option of wine coolers, wine (white zinfandel, pinot noir, chardonnay, merlot, or pinot grigio) and half a dozen beers! I enjoyed the white zinfandel – it was light and fruity! They also had Black’s Bar-B-Q (one of the best BBQ places in the area), and Wienerschnitzel! It was all SO good! The live band was fun to listen to, and there was a dance group in the tent next door which was really impressive!


Once tailgate was coming to an end we headed over to the stadium! Texas State was favored 53% to win. The game was a pretty close match with a couple impressive plays! The final score was 27-20 Bobcats (TXST)!


After leaving the game we headed to The Square, a collection of bars on the block around the courthouse. There’s this super yummmyyy drink at Black Rabbit called a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot. It’s made with Vodka and fresh strawberries and I had to have one while we were in town! Our last stop for the evening was Gumby’s Pizza for some pizza rolls. We use to go there almost every Tuesday because they had half price rolls! They were just as delicious as I remember!


Today we had to come back home, but before leaving town we went for a walk on the San Marcos River. I lloooovvvvveeeeee this river! It is crystal clear and beautiful and a brisk 72 degrees year round. Atka and I use to go on walks almost everyday around the river. He loved to splash around! With the weather at 74 degrees and sunny, it was a perfect morning to go for a stroll on our old path!
If you’re in Texas and need something fun to do on a hot summer day, head to the river to float in a tube! It’s a blast!!
Moral of this story, if your school has a homecoming, GO!!! It was ssooo much fun to be back there for a couple days and go to the places we use to love! It was also really great to see how much the town has grown! They’ve updated parks, built a huge bridge, added a bike system, and made improvements on the trails! I’m definitely proud to be a Bobcat!

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