Halloween Party

Having the house has been great for being able to entertain! I’ve found that I really love hosting parties! So, I know
we’re a little early, but over the weekend Justin and I had our Halloween Party! (Next weekend is our alma mater’s
Homecoming football game, so we decided to have the Halloween party a week early!) We spent most of Saturday
prepping our decorations and food for the festivities that night!



We had little light up pumpkins throughout the house, skulls, spider webbing, and ‘blood’ with eyeballs in it! I also lit
candles in the fireplace to add some light and a nice ambiance. We had our dimmer lights on half so the house had
a spooky feel!
There was also a fogger in the backyard and several games like corn hole, bocce ball, and basketball. These games
are always a huge hit at parties! Little tombstones were set up in the backyard with a shovel by them! I thought it was
really cute and a great touch for our outdoor decorations!
The food was pigs in a blanket, apples, carrots, celery, strawberries, and chips with dip! We also had Coke and Sprite
for mixers or as beverages. The water was dyed red with food coloring and had a few eyeballs floating in it!


For costumes, Toulouse was a fox. This is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He wore his sweater like a champ
all night! Atka was a spider and was a big hit among guests! I was Little Red Riding Hood and Justin was the Big Bad
Wolf. I’m thinking next year we have the whole family in matching costumes! Comment with your suggestions! 🙂

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