Evening Routine

My days can be pretty full and crazy! By the end of the day I sometimes have a hard time sleeping, so I created a
routine that helps me relax and wind down, so I can get a good night’s rest and feel refreshed the next day!


Shortly after I get home from work I do my workout. This helps me get moving, and focus on me and my goals for
a bit. I like to give each workout a focus or dedication. Sometimes it will be the same one for several days! Lately
it’s been “Feel strong again” since I’ve taken a bit of a break from the exercise front and can definitely feel it!


Then I move on to dinner! I try to have something healthy and small in the evenings. There have been so many
studies that say not to eat right before bed because it causes weight gain! So I eat around 6:30 or 7 and then stick
with liquids for the rest of the night.


fish, dinner, health
Tonight I had fish with spinach and cherry tomatoes!


Bath time might be my favorite part of the day. To clean up from my workout I rinse off in the shower and then fill
the bathtub with bubble bath, put my light dimmer on half, light a candle, get a nice glass of wine or some herbal
tea, and soak with a good book. (Right now it’s Eat, Pray, Love, one of my faves!)


bath, tea, bathtub


This always turns my brain off and gets me ready for bed. By the time I get out of the bath it’s normally time to hit
the sheets! These relaxation strategies help me to fall asleep with ease and feel refreshed to start the next day!

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