Burlington, Vermont Travel Guide

Burlington, Vermont red barn fall leaves
burlington vermont, cider mill, fall, cold hollow cider mill
stowe vermont
Burlington, Vermont, diner, food, travel
Burlington Vermont, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
Smugglers notch, vermont, fall, leaves, travel
Smugglers notch, vermont, fall, leaves, travel
burlington vermont, church street, mural
Smugglers notch, vermont, fall, leaves, travel
Smugglers notch, vermont, fall, leaves, travel
Stowe, vermont, fall, leaves, travel, bear
burlington vermont, lake champlaine, sunset, travel
There are several things about Burlington, Vermont that I’ve already talked about here, but my last day in the area yielded new, fun adventures and places! While Vermont may be a small state with a fairly low population, it certainly has a lot to offer!


Where to Stay

I stayed at the Homewood Suites because it was close to where I was working, but it turned out to be a great place! It was close to Lake Champlain, Church Street, and offers both breakfast and dinner. And even complementary locally brewed beer with dinner!


What to Do

Smugglers Notch: This was a hikers dream! There were tons and tons of hiking trails, and the leaves were changing, so it looked BEAUTIFUL! The ground even looked like it was twinkling under the sun! I tried to get a picture, but you couldn’t see it through the camera! The temperature was about ten degrees cooler up there compared to down in the town, because of the elevation change, so be sure to bring a sweater!


Stowe:  Imagine a town that looks like it’s straight out of a storybook! There were cobble roads, gardens in front of all the buildings, and most of the shops looked like old houses! It was absolutely adorable! Plus several shops had samples of local fudge, jams, and other treats!


The Ben and Jerry’s Factory: This has to be on this list because it’s the only Ben and Jerry’s Factory. It was a pretty cool place. The way things were built it almost looked animated. My favorite part was the graveyard of ice cream! The tombstones were so funny!


Lake Champlain: Catching a sunset on Lake Champlain was absolutely stunning. It was so beautiful and calm. There are several restaurants on the lake too, so enjoying dinner while watching the sunset is always an option!


Where to Eat

Vermont was big on farm-to-table, which is totally awesome. Who doesn’t want fresh food? Most places we went offered only local foods! So, obviously, most places were insanely delicious!


Park Diner: Breakfast at Parkway diner is a must! It’s an adorable little diner in a classic 1950s diner car. The food was SOOO good! And the ambiance was great! It was so cool to watch your food be made right in front of you and see the cooks working together. It was like a machine!


Cold Hollow Cider Mill: The have freshly squeezed apple cider. Oh my Goddd! It was so delicious and warm and perfect! And they sell cider donuts to go with it! So. Good.


Overall I would say Vermont is definitely a place worth visiting. It’s so cute and friendly! I had a really wonderful time trying some of the things the area is known for! Now I’m even contemplating a summer home in Vermont…
If you have any questions about Burlington or the surrounding areas, let me know in the comments!

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