A Taste of Vermont

Vermont is a pretty small state. Especially to a Texas girl! Texas has 28.3 million people, while

Vermont has 623,000 people. You can fit 29 Vermont’s into Texas. That being said, Burlington,

Vermont is an adorable city to go to!

This week is the first week the leaves are changing. It is absolutely beautiful! There have been

red, orange, and yellow leaves! The changing of the colors only lasts for about two weeks before

the leaves fall off the tree and it becomes what the locals call ‘twig season’. My favorite term that

I learned is “leaf peeper”. A leaf peeper is someone who goes to visit and see the leaves changing


Burlington Vermont, Fall, Leaves
Burlington is a cute little old time-y town! On Church street in downtown has some excellent

restaurants. The first night here I had Leunig’s Bistro. Ohmygod! It was SO good! I got the

Chai Glazed Scallops and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!! Yummy!


Food, scallops Burlington Vermont, French


Apparently a Maple Creemee is a common desert here. It’s basically a soft serve ice cream with a

maple flavor. It’s really yummy! The restaurant everyone recommended was Burlington Bay –

aka the building with the blue roof. This place was not at all what I expected! It was an ice cream

parlor/coffee shop/liquor store! But it really did have good ice cream. Every shop has their own

recipe for a maple creemee, so everywhere you go it’s a new experience and flavor!


Burlington Vermont, Maple, Creemee, Ice Cream, Food, Lake


Then we went to The Growler, a bar in downtown Burlington. As it turns out, Vermont is known

for its 400+ local brews! I really enjoyed the ambiance and they had some pretty good beer!

Definitely a place worth checking out!


Burlington Vermont, Flight, Beer, The Growler


There was an amazing Art museum in downtown Burlington. Artist Crystal Wagner made her

pieces using plastic table clothes, screen printed cut paper, wire, wood support, and paint.

These sculptures were very impressive. One filled the whole room!

Art exhibit, Crystal Wagner


Art exhibit, Crystal WagnerArt exhibit, Crystal Wagner

So far this trip has been great! Check back for an update on our next adventures! We have a great

day planned later this week!!

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