Blossom Update!

The garden has grown SO MUCH!! We now have tons of plants! And hopefully soon, veggies! I planted all my seeds on September 2nd, about a week before it started to rain and didn’t stop for two and a half weeks. Talk about great timing!

For the week of no rain, I did notice one strange thing: when I watered the garden, the water wouldn’t sink into the soil, it would collect on top. Only about half an inch was getting wet. Obviously not enough to water my plants! So, after doing some research I found that if soil is allowed to get completely dry, like soil you buy from a company, then it’s difficult to get it to take water again. The best way to fix this is to slowly water the soil for long periods of time. For a few days I did this and it seemed to make a difference. The water was sinking in faster and more than a half inch was getting wet. My flowers perked up pretty quickly after I made the change! Another suggestion I’ve gotten was to add mulch or peat moss to my soil after this crop to make it looser so water will seep into the garden.
flower garden
Then it rained! A lot! So everything started popping up and growing like crazy!!! Seeing those little sprouts show up was very exciting. I was amazed to see the difference in just a day’s growth. (You can also see the water pooling problem I talked about in the left photo-September 6th; In the right photo the water has seeped into the soil- September 7th)

garden beans, veggie gardengarden beans, vegetable garden

Here’s what all I planted (:
Sunflower, veggie garden

pumpkin, vegetable garden raised garden

garden bean, veggie garden


Carrot, Vegetable garden, raised garden

Summer Squash
Summer squash, yellow squash, veggie garden

spinach, vegetable garden

cucumber, veggie garden

Arugula, backyard vegetable garden

broccoli, raised vegetable garden

lettuce, backyard vegetable garden

potatoes, veggie garden

My first harvests should start happening in about two weeks. I’m very excited to see the continued growth in all my plants!! I know I got them in the ground pretty late for a fall crop, but they seem to be handling everything well.

Veggie Garden

Vegetable Garden

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