Honeymoon aka Heaven

The hubby and I took our honeymoon some time after our wedding. Once all wedding stuff had calmed down and we had reached a new sort of normal, we were whisked off to Antigua, a Caribbean Island. We stayed at a Sandals Resort for eight days, and it was absolutely amazing!
The water was perfection. The beach was calm with barely any wind, the water was a great temperature and looked like a giant swimming pool that stretched for miles! We literally spent hours swimming, snorkeling, and soaking up the sun and water!
Antigua Beach
Antigua Beach
The food was phenomenal. Everything tasted delicious. My favorite was probably the Caesar Salad at Barefoot on the Beach. The dressing was so light and flavorful and it even had shrimp in it! Which is totally my fave! There was everything from burgers and steaks to lobster and crab cakes to pizza and sushi! Basically anything you could think of you could get. And all of it was cooked with exceptional skill and presented beautifully!


Antigua trip crab cake
Antigua trip Pizza
Antigua trip Caesar salad
Antigua trip shrimp cocktail
The best time we ate though was definitely a candlelit dinner one evening, which was just about the most romantic thing ever! We then went on an evening stroll of the beach. It was a really great night.
Antigua trip candlelit dinner
Landscaping was beautiful everywhere you looked throughout the resort. We would wander around just to enjoy the beautiful scenery and perfect temperature! There were all different colors of flowers and strange cool plants. Kitties even walked around in the evenings! And there were macaws in the lobby!


Antigua trip Macaw
On an excursion that went around the island by boat we got to hold a stingray and snorkel with them swimming all around us (unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of this because my phone died). They were HUGE, like three or four feet across if not bigger! We also saw a sea turtle while snorkeling! On another excursion we went around the whole island, all 108 square miles, by jeep. We learned so much history about the area and saw amazing views everywhere we turned. On both excursions we had Rum Punch. This is a delicious bright red drink that we found out, after two or three glasses, was just rum with a splash of grenadine! We were shocked!


This was the absolute best honeymoon we could have asked for! I loved every minute of it. It was a fantastic way to get our marriage started- relaxing, delicious, fun. Overall I can only describe it as perfect in everyway! Even after eight days we weren’t ready to come home, the idea of staying on those beautiful beaches with impeccable food sounded way better!

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