7 Date Ideas

I enjoy going out with Justin to dinner or a movie as much as the next couple, but sometimes we want
to switch it up or not spend money to do something. Here are 7 of our favorite off-the-beaten-path dates!

1. Hike
We take Atka, our dog, on hikes all the time. It’s great to get a little exercise and we end up
having quality conversation. Plus the pup loves it!

2. Stay-in Movie
Going to see a movie is great, but being able to pause the movie for a bathroom break is pretty
awesome too. We turn the lights out at home, close the blinds, make popcorn with too much
butter, get a big glass of soda and then snuggle up to watch whatever film is featuring in the
living room! Justin love Trolls, so that’s a frequent go to!

3. Picnic
While going out to dinner is a good time, a picnic provides a change of scenery without the added
cost of a restaurant. And, it’s way more romantic and intimate.

4. Spur of the Moment Trip
This one can be pretty price, but it’s a lot of fun to run away for a weekend! Justin and my go-to is
Louisiana for a weekend of gambling and walking around the many lakes in the area. There’s even
a 118 acre rose garden near Shreveport called The Gardens of the American Rose Center! It’s
SSSOOOO much fun to walk around!

5. Kite Flying
This is a lot of fun- at least on a windy day! Go to the store and grab a kite and spend a few hours
running around with it and seeing how high you can make it fly. Maybe even make it cheesy with
an “I love you” banner tied to the tail!

6. Painting With a Twist
This is one of my favorites, and while it is pretty common, I still feel worth mentioning because it’s
so freakin’ fun! We have been several times now and have had a blast every time! We take a bottle
or two of wine and get to painting while laughing so hard we’re crying at Justin’s attempts to paint
(though his last one was pretty good!). Groupon often has coupons for either Painting with a Twist
or Pinot’s Palette which can make this date not too expensive.

7. Bowling
Justin and I haven’t been bowling in a while, but if you can find a discount on groupon or go on a
slow day, like Tuesday (even in the evening), then it can be pretty cheap! It’s a lot of fun and a great
way to add some friendly competition to date night! Occasionally we would add bumpers, just because
sometimes it’s fun to have a safety net!

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